About Us

Our philosophy? Smart, accessible beauty. 

No exceptions, no excuses. We aimed to create a heaven-like indoor spa that actually improves your skin, while giving you that irresistible glow. Why waste your money on expensive facial products that don’t work, when you have us?  

It all started with one of our team members, Linda Snuer, a professional dermatologist who treated patients with acne and dry skin. We hired Linda as our consultant and to see what problems arose in the industry. Linda figured out that these magical steamers didn’t actually work but instead clogged your pores resulting in acne. 

We knew this issue was becoming more common, with so many companies claiming to be the one-step magical solution and making your skin worse. We could not find one actual product that worked to combat acne and dry skin. So we decided to take the jump, and made our own. 

Months and months of research and time were spent in the process of finding the perfect match for everyone’s skin.

Our long journey was well worth the wait. All of us at Namoi Skin are ecstatic to unveil a product meant to make you smile a tiny bit more and make your skin shine a LOT LOT more.  

Sold in more than 50 countries and territories, Namoi Skin represents intuitive and luxurious skincare. 

Come join our family and experience the power of an authentic facial sauna.